Saturday, November 17, 2012

In this weeks Episode, the EV Answer Man talks about Maintenance.  He compares the maintenance requirements of an EV conversion with that of two different gasoline vehicles.
Next week is Thanksgiving, and the Answer Man is taking the week off.  However, the following week he will be discussing Brushes.  Be sure and tune in.
Happy Thanksgiving
In Episode 5, the EV Answer Man addresses Aux. Batteries and D/C to D/C Converters. 
Should you use an Aux. Battery? 
How about only using a D/C to D/C Converter?
What is not addressed in the the video is running an alternator off of the motor aux. shaft.
Out of all of the options, it is the least desirable, for several reasons.  1)  It requires a mounting setup that adds weight and a drive belt.  2)  Adds a load on the motor.  3)  Stops producing when you come to a stop, shifting all of the load to the aux. battery.  4)  Takes up space in the engine bay.
5)  Is not very attractive to look at.  6)  Does not fit with EV4U's rule of Clean, Simple, and Reliable.  Imagine what the Karmann Ghia engine compartment would look like with an alternator.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The most complete A/C Drive Package available, only from EV4U Custom Conversions.

Highlights of this Package are High Performance Electric Vehilcle systems AC-50 three phase induction motor and a Curtis 1238-7601 650 amp controller.
Providing regenerative braking, brushless operation, it's a good choice for any conversion
under 3000 lbs.

Plus 36 CALB 130 Ah cells for a 15.4 kWh pack.
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In this weeks episode of The EV Answer Man, Richard responds to the question, "What's the payback time?"

What's the payback time on your cell phone?
How about your TV?
How about the car you're driving now?

Funny thing, the only two items that regularly solicit that question are solar and electric vehicles.  The show this week will answer the question.