Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Check this out!

A friend of mine is selling his 1963 VW Pushbutton Notchback.  This car would make a great conversion.  Nice gasoline engine that could be sold to help offset the purchase price.  Check our website under EVs for sale for more information.

Another Visitor

Started the week off with a visitor from Folsom, California.  Gary Morton, founder and CEO of Classics Gone Green drove up to Shasta Lake to visit our shop, pick my brain, discuss the EV industry, and the conversion business.  Gary is specializing in classic Mustang conversions, and is a member of the Greater Sacramento Area Chapter of the EAA, which is where we met.  Gary is an interesting guy who brings a diverse background in engineering to the conversion industry.  I enjoyed our visit.
It seems that being smack in the middle between Seattle and Los Angeles makes us "on the way" for most folks passing through.  That and being located only a couple of miles from I-5 means we have a lot of visitors, and it seems that the rate of visitors is steadily increasing.  We are going to have to clean things up a bit if we are going to continue to entertain visitors.  If you would like to stop by and visit, please contact us first as Gary did and we can set up an appointment.  As always, we appreciate the interest in EV4U Custom Conversions.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's wrong with this picture?

This 1974 VW Beetle required a lot of body work, some fiberglass work and a change of color inside and out.

$4,200.00 later this is what you end up with.

To make this 1970 Bug look like the red one above, we were quoted $6,800.00  Understandable.

This 1974 Karmann Ghia is in beautiful condition, requiring the very minimum of body work, no rust and as straight as can be.  Paint quote, over $9,700.00  The prices are from the same shop and less than two years apart.  Seems to me something does not add up.  Too bad, our cars are displayed in shows, publications, TV, and the internet.  Great advertising for a paint shop.  But at $9,700 no way!  Some other paint shop will be getting my business and advertising.

An Electric Car?

Disturbing!  And they weren't there to wash the windows.
Now this is an Electric car.  No Gas Allowed!
You know, I've always seen things fairly black and white.  Pickup trucks have a bed, cars have four wheels, diesel should cost less than gasoline, and so forth. On my way home from a car show in Sacramento I saw something that bothered my black and white outlook.                           Perhaps one day I will explain the disadvantages of a hybrid car.  But for now, let me give you the black and white of it.  How can you tell if it is an electric car?  Electric cars do NOT use gasoline!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Award

Seems I was busy answering questions and talking with folks about B.O.B. and did not hear them call my name at the Flashback Cruz car show in Bend, Oregon.  We won a Sponsors award, in which they place a ribbon on your windshield to let you know you have won.  You then go and pick up your award at your leisure.  However, the "Best Of" awards were announced over the P.A. system, and we were located at the far end and could not clearly hear what was being said.  Probably messed up my last name so as not to be recognizable anyway.  Well received a phone call from the gal in charge of the show to let me know that we had won the Best in Class award and that they were shipping me the trophy. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Flashback Cruz

 Well, made it back from another show.  The Flashback Cruz Car Show in Bend, Oregon, is one of my favorites.  Held at Drake Park, the show setting is beautiful.  This is a well attended show, with an impressive number of participants and spectators, especially considering there was a fair going on the same weekend.
 The drive from Shasta Lake to Bend is not the most enjoyable however.  In addition to it being two lanes for a good portion of the trip, there was road construction this year, with a couple delays.  Still managed to make the trip in six hours though.
 Had I known how long we were going to be stopped for road construction, I would have gotten out and stretched my legs.
 After turning off I-5 on to Hwy 97 through Weed, CA and Klamath Falls, OR, you travel through high desert.  Bend itself is at approximately 4,000 foot elevation.  Bend is a small town of approx. 80,000.  It is a clean and inviting community.  Very nice downtown, but also a lot of attractive shopping centers spread throughout the community.
 The scenery is pretty, but it is a lot of the same thing mile after mile.
 I was by myself this trip, so I was not able to take many pictures at the show.  Busy answering questions and visiting with the extremely friendly folks of Bend.
The weather was perfect, sunny and in the low 80's.  A couple of times, between waves of people, I got a few photos.
 B.O.B. even won an award.  We attend these shows to market our conversion business and to share the benefits of electric transportation.  But winning awards is fun too.