Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Visitor

Started the week off with a visitor from Folsom, California.  Gary Morton, founder and CEO of Classics Gone Green drove up to Shasta Lake to visit our shop, pick my brain, discuss the EV industry, and the conversion business.  Gary is specializing in classic Mustang conversions, and is a member of the Greater Sacramento Area Chapter of the EAA, which is where we met.  Gary is an interesting guy who brings a diverse background in engineering to the conversion industry.  I enjoyed our visit.
It seems that being smack in the middle between Seattle and Los Angeles makes us "on the way" for most folks passing through.  That and being located only a couple of miles from I-5 means we have a lot of visitors, and it seems that the rate of visitors is steadily increasing.  We are going to have to clean things up a bit if we are going to continue to entertain visitors.  If you would like to stop by and visit, please contact us first as Gary did and we can set up an appointment.  As always, we appreciate the interest in EV4U Custom Conversions.

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