Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's the Best part about owning and driving an Electric Vehicle?

I've been driving an EV for several years and I'm not sure what I like best.
  • I definitely like not having to go the the gas station.
  • Plugging in at home or at work is so easy.
  • No maintenance or repair costs.  (I do kind of miss the folks down at NAPA.)
  • Driving for less than 3 cents a mile, I like that too.
  • Being part of the solution, and not spending money that goes to those that want to kill me. (Selfish)
  • Not having a clue what the price of gas is.  (cool)
So I'm curious what others think the Best part is of driving an EV.  (I'm talking about an all electric vehicle, not a hybrid.)  Email me at and let me your thoughts.

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