Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not Going Back

It was time to replace the tires on one of my cars, so I took it to America's Tire.  I have been buying tires from them for over twenty years.  I purchased four new tires with a wait time of almost two hours, this was Saturday afternoon.  Monday morning I was going to drive the car and noticed the left rear tire was nearly flat.  Upon inspection, no visible damage.  I removed the tire and wheel and took it back to America's Tire.  An hour and a half later they get to my tire and in two minutes show me a damaged bead.  It was damaged upon installation.  They can't get me a new one until Wednesday or Thursday.  Not acceptable, so I asked for a refund so that I could get the tire elsewhere.  They did not want to do that.  After the salesman spends ten minutes in the office he tells me they can have one first thing in the morning, 8:00 AM to be exact.  Are you sure, yes he's sure.  See you tomorrow at 8:00.  Tuesday morning at 8:15 I am told they do not have my tire, maybe 11:00 or noon.  You're kidding me!  I told him to call me when the tire was mounted and ready to go.  Got the call at 11:45.  It took three trips into town and hours of my time, because of their mistake.  An apology, not even close.  This is the third time in a row that I have had an issue with America's Tire in Redding, California.  Strike three, I'm not going back.  Plus this is a word to the wise.

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