Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Tough Battery

Seen in the photo on the right are 44 GBS 100 Ah Lithium Ion cells, their normal voltage is 3.2 volts per cell.  We recently had a customer completely discharge their pack to a cell voltage of 0.7 volts.  Bad...but wait, there's more...they were left in this state for a month.  D.O.A., right?!  Well, we charged them to a minimum voltage, balanced them, then charged them as a pack.  They held voltage, so we road tested the vehicle.  A couple of hundred miles without issue.  Forty miles at 65 MPH in a 2630 pound vehicle, took the pack down to 50% state of charge.  Not too bad.  I'm sold.  No way of knowing the life cycles this will cost the owner, but at least they did not have to replace the pack.

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